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Coaching is an active, invigorating process assisting you to reach your potential, challenging and supporting you, seeing what is working well for you and promoting that success so you can achieve miraculous and logical results.

Dealing with criticism may always be a little tough, but it's important to use these situations as an opportunity to get better, be better and learn how to be our very best selves.

There are always a ton of comments made at a vegetarian's expense: "Where do you get your protein?" or "You don't eat meat at ALL?!" and "Why are you doing this? You must be hungry a lot."

I admit it. I'm a fainter. Not the corseted Southern belle variety that puts her wrist over her brow, heaves a sigh and then swoons. I'm more of the quiet type of fainter. Sounds are reduced to white noise. I get tunnel vision and feel queasy as the sensation of a thousand pinpricks runs across my torso and I begin to sweat.

It was one of those 3 a.m. ideas that I had to act on. And that was to go paleo... for a week. Could I handle this almost-absurd change in my diet?

I've concluded that I can either sit at home and watch TV feeling sorry for myself or I can get my ass to the gym and feel good about myself.

Lisa Masters

Author, Build-A-Boob...,Cancer Survivor, Activist

by Justin Sapp "Justin, come down for breakfast." I hated my brother's impersonation of Mom's morning screech. He seemed to think he was the thi...

In a profound and completely surprising way, I discovered who I truly am -- a person who is passionate for helping people live magnificent lives and careers. Not mediocre. Not a bit above average. Not just better or okay. But an extraordinary life, full of rich diversity, honest feeling and clear purpose.

Seeking your purpose in the form of something larger than yourself, that beckons you, while keeping short-term self-interest at bay, makes you more likely to find and fulfill it -- while living a long, healthier life.

Douglas LaBier

Business psychologist and psychotherapist; director, Center for Progressive Development

If you're feeling sluggish, or know it's a day (ahem, week) you just won't be able to make it to the gym, there are simple things you can do to make sure you're still taking care of yourself throughout the day.

Casey Cavanagh

Writer, wordsmith and yogi. Lover of green tea, typewriters, tongue-in-cheek humor, & the daily struggle of not over-thinking things.

It was a beautiful Sunday-spring-is-in-the-air afternoon, where I was enjoying a pool side brunch in Los Angeles. As I was mingling with the friends ...

Going to the dentist can be expensive and, for many people, downright scary. But if you're one of the millions of Americans delaying dental care out of fear of the costs, there are some solutions.

There's only so much of me, and I am the only one who will suffer if I don't do something about the lack of balance in my life. Which is why I've decided to make some changes. Starting immediately. In the end, everything in your life starts to malfunction if you don't "turn off" enough.

PMS and PMDD can't be "cured." There's no magic solution, but that doesn't mean you have to wave the white flag. Use these tactics to improve your overall well-being and manage your symptoms naturally.

Will the rest of us catch up with Europe's understanding of the true value of healthy travel experiences that restore and rejuvenate?

Susie Ellis

Chairman & CEO, the Global Spa & Wellness Summit

I hear this from people all the time: "It's expensive to eat healthy." To be clear, I am a realist, and I understand that organic spelt bread is a lot more expensive than Pop Tarts, but I also know that you can't put a price tag on your health or your life.

Karen Ann Kennedy

Certified Health Coach and President & CEO, The Caring Coaching Center, LLC The Caring Coaching Center, LLC

06/20/2014 14:52:40
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